Bosun: The Mariner’s Journals



The novel about the larger-than-life bosun in No Ordinary Seaman.

In this historical fiction, we voyage with Bosun through his journals, written by a familiar seaman—Harbo, from the Havkatt and the Polycastle.

Bosun’s journals are a maritime saga about the nonsensical nature of humanity. Ulf Kleivik went to sea as a youth because that’s what generations of men did in his Norwegian seafaring family. The boy sailor experienced the horrors of whaling, the tragedies and the loss of life during the Battle of the Atlantic. He quickly matured and become a natural leader, earning the rank of bosun.

Bosun’s fearlessness, bravery, and heroism were legendary, as were his chiselled Nordic features, his humour and his wit. He employed his ironic STUPID PEOPLE MIRROR to expose moral ambiguities, shallow thinking, and the absurdities of men. His courageous spirit and resolve were bolstered by precious Aase, who gifts him with the meaning of love. His maritime legacy is THE BOSUN’s ANCHOR, the coveted tattoo, worn only by worthy seafarers who exemplify intelligence, leadership, loyalty, and love.