Bosun: The Mariner’s Journals



The novel about the larger-than-life bosun in No Ordinary Seaman.

In this historical fiction, we voyage with Bosun through his journals, written by a familiar seaman—Harbo, from the Havkatt and the Polycastle.

Bosun’s journals are a maritime saga about the nonsensical nature of humanity. Ulf Kleivik went to sea as a youth because that’s what generations of men did in his Norwegian seafaring family. The boy sailor experienced the horrors of whaling, the tragedies and the loss of life during the Battle of the Atlantic. He quickly matured and become a natural leader, earning the rank of bosun.

Bosun’s fearlessness, bravery, and heroism were legendary, as were his chiselled Nordic features, his humour and his wit. He employed his ironic STUPID PEOPLE MIRROR to expose moral ambiguities, shallow thinking, and the absurdities of men. His courageous spirit and resolve were bolstered by precious Aase, who gifts him with the meaning of love. His maritime legacy is THE BOSUN’s ANCHOR, the coveted tattoo, worn only by worthy seafarers who exemplify intelligence, leadership, loyalty, and love.



It has been five months now since the publication of No Ordinary Seaman. In one more month, all 300 copies from the first printing will have been sold.

Self-publishing is not for the faint of heart. Getting the book to readers is busy work. Without the resources of a publishing house, its experienced professional staff, book seller networks, and distribution and marketing channels, going solo to get my book into the hands of readers has been a heady job. I’d rather be writing, but the book won’t sell itself.

This blog posting is an update on how I have been doing with my first book. “Recognition” is the gold standard, the affirmation I have hoped for, indeed, needed, in order to move forward as well as I have. Recognition by bookstores and libraries – aka, readers – has brought me lots of gratification and the motivation to plow ahead with renewed energies.




A reprint is in the works. The Second Printing of No Ordinary Seaman will be in-hand by the end of August. Will there be changes? Yes! All the many typos and other errors not caught by my proof-readers have been corrected.



My apologies go out to the readers who have stumbled upon bloopers, and thank you for not being too shy to point them out to me. The second printing will be pristine, and rest-assured, content changes are negligible. Your copy will become a collector’s item.

Elsewhere in my website is information about where No Ordinary Seaman can be purchased and which libraries it can be borrowed from. Events, passed and upcoming, are also documented. But websites are typically passive places, hence this blog – my way of keeping No Ordinary Seaman an active, ongoing experience for those who are interested. Additionally, more background and stuff not printed in the book might give the blog the flavour of a continuing saga.



My first book signing at Indigo in South Surrey/White Rock, just up the street from my home, was a wonderful kick-off that led to three regional book launches.