brought me back to seafaring days…

No Ordinary Seaman - soft cover edition
April 16, 2018

As a young man, I was a deckhand aboard Mercandia, a Danish merchant coaster. Reading this book brought me back to those seafaring days. In No Ordinary Seaman, the author identifies the special relationships amongst crew members and how the Norwegian culture of the 60s and 70s was reflected in daily life on board two ships. Descriptions of the various duties of deck crew and the division of roles between them and their officers provide further insight, into ship-based harmony, comradery and rivalry. You will enjoy an insight into how shore leave impacts crew members who are separated from both women and alcohol. And you will find an honest and fascinating picture of a young man’s growing maturity and his relationships with others. The author masters the particular as well as the broader view in his description of the life of an “ordinary seaman”. When you read this book you are aboard, and you wish the journey would never end. Enjoy.