Bosun: The Mariner's Journals by Gary Karlsen

Bosun: The Mariner’s Journals

Book 2 – Saga

Soft Cover Edition
ISBN: 978-1-7752669-1-4
247 pages

eBook Edition
ISBN: 978-1-7752669-3-8
247 pages

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About the book

The best-selling author of No Ordinary Seaman presents the saga of Bosun Kleivik, a legendary Norwegian mariner. In this historical fiction, Bosun’s journals take us to many places: the horrors of whaling in Antarctic waters, the Battle of the Atlantic and the fate of men on rafts after their ship is torpedoed, the rage-inducing heat when stranded in the Red Sea, smoking opium in Casablanca, and sexual encounters aboard a passenger-cargo ship. While Bosun is a fearless and heroic leader, he is conflicted by a world of human failings, absurdities, and moral ambiguities. These he exposes by deploying his “stupid people mirror”.

Bosun is also a family saga. In his nonsensical, two-dimensional world he discovers Aase who gifts him with the meaning of love. His wife, daughter, and granddaughter offer depth to the seafarer’s life lessons. When the old mariner returns from his seaward home to Norway for the last time a final tragedy strikes, and then mysteries are resolved and questions answered, including the significance of the three-dimensional “bosun’s anchor” he had tattooed on his chest in Montevideo. It is worn only by worthy seafarers who exemplify intelligence, leadership, loyalty, and love. It is his maritime legacy.